Sep 2016

What Apple’s 50 Character App Title Rule Means For Localization

Since we started Applingua in December 2010, the number of apps on Apple’s App Store has exploded. We’ve all welcomed the diversity and quality of apps that have literally changed the world. Think Instagram, Uber and Tinder. Without Apple spearheading this movement, who knows if or when your favorite services would have been developed. But over those six years, some corners of the App Store...

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Mar 2016

Applingua is off to GDC 2016!

We may only have the word ‘app’ in our name, but over the last five years we’ve been fortunate to work with some really beautiful games on the App Store. Take Alto’s Adventure, for example, we worked closely with the developers over at Built by Snowman to not only translate their captivating game, but also ensure the experience in other languages rivalled that in English....

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Jan 2016

Celebrating 5 Years!

An incredible five years ago, I sat down at a spare desk in my parents house and started working on Applingua’s first website. I had just moved back to the UK from Munich and didn’t have a penny to my name. One thing was clear to me at that time from my previous job, software localization was far too difficult for developers. I was convinced...

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Dec 2015

Please Apple, It’s Time To Support Arabic*

Hi Apple, Long time no speak! We are just asking again if it would be possible to add additional language support to iTunes Connect. We’ve spoken about this before, on our blog, on Twitter, in person at WWDC, but it’s almost 2016 and we thought we’d ask once more. After all, it is Christmas! 😉 Some nice new iTunes Connect changes, but Arabic is *still not supported* as a...

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Jul 2014

Our Localization Rates Are Changing

Over the last three and a half years, Applingua has been proud to offer one single rate of translation across all languages. It made it easy for our clients, easy for our translators and easy for our accountants 😉 As it has always been our mission to make the translation process as smooth as possible we’ve been absorbing the additional costs of doing this for a while,...

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Nov 2012

Handheld 2012 – The Round Up

A while ago we wrote a post talking about Handheld Conference organised by Craig Lockwood. Well, it took place yesterday in St David’s Hotel, overlooking Cardiff Bay and the sea! (Although it was a bit rainy and grey, so the view of the sea wasn’t the best, boo).  The theme for the day was ‘all things mobile, web & native’ and talks covered everything from device specific...

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Aug 2012

Handheld Conference

It’s not every day a top-class conference with top-class speakers comes to Applingua’s hometown of Cardiff. That’s all about to change however with Handheld Conf – Cardiff’s first annual, mobile-specific get-together. Handheld will take place in St David’s Hotel, overlooking Cardiff Bay and the sea! The theme for the day will be all things mobile, web & native and talks will cover everything from device...

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May 2012

Support for 10 new languages in iTunes Connect

It’s not only the Queen who gets two birthdays! Apple announced today support for extra 10 languages in iTunes Connect (iTC). iTC now supports Norwegian, Turkish, Finnish, Danish, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, and Traditional Chinese. This means you can finally add App Store descriptions and keywords to your app in these languages, giving your apps a huge SEO boost. What this means for developers who...

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Apr 2012

Introducing Sarah :-)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Sarah Hill to the Applingua team. Sarah started on Friday 13th, a lucky number here at Applingua HQ. As Marketing and Communications Assistant, you’ll probably get to witness Sarah’s handiwork over the next few months on this blog, twitter and Facebook. Sarah will also be actively recruiting new translators so Applingua can turn projects around faster while maintaining the...

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Apr 2012

We’ve moved!

After 15 months of desk hopping around Europe, Applingua has finally planted some roots in super trendy Cardiff Bay. You can now find us at 1 Mount Stuart Arcade sharing with some cool dudes from Codeworks. If you’re ever in Cardiff, come by and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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